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We've been shaking it up in SA since 1997. Born down in Southtown right next to our good friends at La Tuna, we started to introduce a new kind of food to our great Tex Mex city. Cooking it fresh and just a little healthier---digging down a little further south to serve up the best empanadas in the free world. We figured we better do up some tacos too... something familiar to our friends and family. We start 'em off with fresh handmade corn tortillas, and to kick it up a notch, we cooked up some Tacos al Pastor and the first fish tacos in SA-- drizzled with our "better than..." poblano sauce. People started coming. At first, they thought we had lost our minds because everybody knows SA is the home of Tex Mex, but as more and more folks tried our Alternative, they found they liked it. So now, over 17 years strong, we're proud to be a little part of the local food scene in SA. We are happy you're ready to step outside the box and get some ALT-MEX in you. Our goal is to make you happy and let you get as much of the Beto's experience as you can handle. Don't hesitate to ask you server for a sample of any of our unique offerings: Chalupa Cabra, Peruvian Style Ceviche, Fried Yuca, Chimi Churi and more... and please don't leave until you've tried our famous banana with leche quemada empanada. Welcome to your new addiction. Beto's

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Phone: +1 210-930-9393
Address: 8142 Broadway St
Hours: mon-thu 11:00-23:00; fri-sat 11:00-21:00

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